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Explore sports data with theAtleta
NetworkAtleta is a sovereign Layer 1, purpose-built to cater to the novel, dynamic data demands of the sports industry based on the leading modular framework, Substrate.
Lower Gas Fees Through ModularityBy leveraging Substrate technology, Atleta Network lays the groundwork for a highly efficient L1 blockchain, offering enhanced performance and scalability at reduced costs. This collaboration allows developers to efficiently develop and deploy decentralized applications (dApps), maximizing blockchain technology`s capabilities.
Blocktime~3 sec
Throughout60 TPS+
Creating a sports app on Atleta is easier than you think
Build sports App on AtletaBuild sports App on AtletaWe offer tools and support to facilitate the launch of your project. Join our ecosystem and contribute to enhancing user experience by offering valuable and engaging solutions.
Initial Athlete Offerings
IAO LaunchpadIAO Launch PadIAO`s are an industry-specific adaptation of the more popular IDO/ICO/IPO/IEO models used to direct capital flows for the creation of markets.
The suite of core BCSports Foundation products provide all of the fundamental functionality for all on-chain features in the network.
The Blockchain Sports Foundation Products
ExlporerImproved explorer for analyzing next-generation blockchain. This multi-chain, flexibly customizable portal explorer provides access to all information and capabilities within the blockchain.
Name ServiceHuman readable domains to secure your on-chain identity in the Atleta ecosystem.
NFT marketplaceMulti-Chain NFT Marketplace (BCS, Polygon, ETH, zkSync, Arbitrum, Manta) - Game Infra & Art Launchpad, specialized in football players NFTs.
BridgeBridge funds from ETH to Atleta network and start explore the ecosystem.
DEXAdd Liquidity, find new tokens, and Swap on Atleta with no Limitations.
Lending protocolUtilize your Atleta Native Assets for lending, borrowing, and on-chain portfolio management.
Explore the docs to learn how to deploy your EVM dapp on Atleta Network

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