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The Secure, Decentralized, Multi-Layer Blockchain Network Built for the Modern AgeInfrastructure that accelerates crypto-economic adoption, protects data, and enables the next generation of innovation. ATLETA.
TPS: ~80Transactions per second
Block Time: 6 secondsProcessing speed
Era: 36 hoursDuration of validator sessions
Finality: InstantSingle block settlement guarantee
What is ATLETALooking to leverage the verifiability and auditability present in blockchain data structures to provide an open, permissionless, censorship-resistant, credibly neutral environment for the development and deployment of decentralized applications, Atleta is a generalized, modular, multi-layer blockchain network.
ExecutionAn EVM compatible smart contract layer enabling transactions and the development of decentralized applications.
InteroperabilityThe layer enabling cross-chain communication for the transference of assets and messages.
StorageThe Data layer for securely storing arbitrary types of information (videos, text files, etc.) in a decentralized way.
Build on Atleta
Real World ApplicabilityBuilt with a security-first approach, The ATLETA blockchain network is ideal for issuing tokenized RWAs that need high levels of guarantees
ScalabilityUtilizing the parachain scaling model, ATLETA can provide unlimited scaling to any individual chains that want to launch using The ATLETA validator set
NPoSHighly democratic consensus model optimized for decentralization via random election while balancing maximal inclusivity
Multi-Lingual DevelopmentATLETA seeks to invite the next generation of Web3 developers by allowing them to build Dapps in Solidity and its Rust-based derivative INK!
PermissionlessnessJoining ATLETA is open to anybody with the capacity for satisfying the technical and capital requirements to operate; build unstoppable applications.
Low CostPermissionless participation for all. Anybody with the technical capabilities, desire, or capital requirements can build unstoppable applications.
EVM CompatibilityDeploy your exiting EVM applications, bridge your assets, and leverage the liquidity across other EVM networks with ease.
Split ConsensusUsing the BABE and GRANDPA mechanisms, ATLETA separates block Production and Finalization enabling higher security guarantees.
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